Bank Passbook Help Guide

How to Check Bank Passbook Details in Chanakya ERP

Bank Passbook 

  • Click on Bank Pass Book in Accounts Menu to open Bank Pass Book option (as shown in below image)
  • Select Select Bank A/c and Press "F12" Key to open Select Account Pop-up Window to Select Bank Account whose Transaction you want to check, as shown in below image
  • In Search Box Press "F12" Key to Open Account Master, where you can Create/Add Bank accounts (as shown in below image)
  • Double-Click or Click to Select Bank account to see Detailed Transaction of Particular bank, as shown in below image.
  • Selected Bank Account Detailed Transaction will be Displayed as Date Wise basis with Proper Withdrawal, Deposit and Balance in a period of Financial Year and Progress Bar can be also checked at Left corner (In Green Color) and time taken to generate Bank Book Transaction (At bottom of window) as shown in below image
  • Bank Pass Book Transaction on  Daily basis can be Exported in Excel and Text format and send an Email Attachment, For more details of Export of file please go through our Export Reports Blog, where you will get all the details of how to Export files in Excel and Text format and to Send an E-mail attachment.

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