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Invoice B2C Vehicle Master Help Guide

How To Create/Modify/Cancel Invoice B2C Vehicle in Chanakya ERP Create Invoice B2C Vehicle Bill Click  on  Inventory Vehicle Menu Click  on  Invoice B2C Vehicle A new window will popped up  Correspondence Address :- Fill Complete Address of Customer with Proper Mobile/Phone Number   Permanent Address:- If Permanent Address is Same as Correspondence Address then Simply Click on ">>" Key to fetch the details Vehicle Details:- In Vehicle details, You will Find the information of Vehicle  Frame Number:- Press "F12" to Select Frame Number of vehicle i.e., to be sold Engine Number:- Engine Number will be Fetched with Simply Selecting Frame Number. Key Number:- Key Number will be Mentioned (If Needed) Battery Number:- Enter the Battery Number (If Needed) Service Book Number:- Enter Service Book Number (if Required) Mfg. Date:- Enter the Mfg. Date Reg. No.:- Enter Reg. No. Model Code:- Model code will be fetched with frame Number Description:- Vehicle Name

User Wise Billing Group Mapping Help Guide

How To Manage User Wise Billing Group Mapping in Chanakya ERP Go to Tools Menu You will Find an option of "User wise Billing Group Mapping" Open "User Wise Billing Group Mapping" Select " User" Select "Billing Group" Group which you want to allow Permission to Selected user to Work in. Click on "Add" Button to add the Mapping  If You want to Delete any Save Record, then Simply Press Delete Key to Delete that Particular Record For More Query/Support, Feel free to Generate Ticket or Call us on +91 8447740155 Thank you !