Create & Permission For User Help Guide

How to Create/Modify & Set Permission to New User in Chanakya ERP

Create User

  • Click on Create User in Financial/User Menu to open Create User option (as shown in below image).
  • Enter all the details Specified within the box
    • Login ID: Unique Login ID is Required 
    • Password: Enter your Login Password, which you could Remember easily
    • Re-Password: Re-Enter your Password, The same you entered before in Password Panel
    • User Name: Please Enter your Name 
    • Address: Enter your Full Address
    • Place: Enter Place
    • Phone: Enter your Phone Number
    • Status: Select "Active" as status
    • Company Access: If more than one company is used in software then Select Company in which you want to Create User
  • Click on Create button to add the User Details successfully.
  • After user Creation User details will be shown in Blank Box, as shown in below image

Modify User

  • Click on Modify User in Financial/User Menu to open Modify User option (as shown in below image).
  • Select the Specified User whose details you want to Modify or Change the Status to Deactive and Click on Modify Button to save the Data Successfully, as shown in below image

Set Permission To User

  • Click on Set Permission in Financial/User Menu to open Set Permission option (as shown in below image)
  • Click on User Column  to Select User to which Permission is to be set According to admin, as shown in below image
  • If Permission Type is "Custom" then you have to Click the Check-Box Menu Wise, whose Permission you want to give to specified user, You can also Click on (+) Sign to Expand the Menu option into Sub-Menu, as shown in below image
  • After all Selection Click on Save Button to save the changes.
  • If Permission Type is "Admin" then you Did not have to Click on Check-Box Menu, Simply Click on Save button to Save the changes, as shown in below image

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