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Chanakya ERP Update Release

                Updates Released in New Version of Chanakya ERP 👉 " Money Receipt B2C in Vehicle" Segment has been Enabled 👉 " Supply to SEZ Unit" has been Enabled, You can enabled from Miscellaneous Setting       👉 And Many more Enhancement For More Query/Support, Call us on +91 8447740155 Thank You !

Serial/IMEI/Barcode Number Generation Help Guide

How to Generate Serial/IMEI/Barcode Number in Chanakya ERP First You have To Enable the Settings from "Tool Menu" Go to "Misc. Settings" Go for "IMEI/Serial/Unique Barcode" Option  Select "Enable"   Click on Save Button And Re-login your Software to Enable those Settings Go to "Inventory" Menu Open "Purchase Window" Select the Item for Purchasing and Enter the Quantity Press "F12" on Quantity Column to Open "Serial No. Entry" Column as Shown Below in Image Select the Segment You Want to Generate (Serial/IMEI/Barcode) You can Find Two way to Generate Serial/IMEI/Barcode Number Manual Entry defines you to Enter Manual Barcode/Serial/IMEI Number in Below Column Automatic Generation will Generate Barcode/Serial/IMEI number Automatic , for Each Quantity you are Purchasing By Clicking on Automatic Generation , Barcode/Serial/IMEI Number will be Auto Generated   Barcode/Serial/IMEI Will be arranged in S

Chanakya ERP Update Release -

E-Invoice is Now Enabled For Vehicle Segment in Chanakya ERP 👉 Now Chanakya ERP is Enabled with E-Invoice Section in Vehicle Module 👉 E-Invoice in Sales Return is also Enabled (B2B and B2C Invoice) 👉 Many More Technical Updates has been Released Regarding Windows Compatibility For More Query/Support, Call us on +91 8447740155 Thank You !