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Access CHANAKYA ERP Reports/Data through any device using browser.

Now Experience the freedom of access your Chanakya ERP reports/data from anywhere, on any device, in a browser, securely. Anywhere, Any device  : You can access Chanakya ERP reports from anywhere using any device/OS such as, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and so on, with a web browser, and an active internet connection. No need of static IP. Normal internet connection is enough. Security and Control  : You have complete control on who views the reports, and which reports are available to a user. Further, your data will always be in your computer. Whenever a user views a report in a browser, only the data required for that report is fetched from your Chanakya ERP through SSL/TLS encrypted server and we do not store any data. How to Access  : Select the company, then select the report from the list shown once you log in to the . The report with the latest data is fetched and displayed. Download Reports and Invoices  : You can open a any repo