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Chanakya ERP Update Release

  Updates Released in New Version of Chanakya  ERP ( Highlights Now Multi Discount available in Invoice B2B like 10+2, 5+2+1, 40+20+10+5 etc There is no limit on number of discounts. And if invoice has multiple items with multiple discount and after entering all items, if you realized that you need to provide additional 1% discount ( discount percent is sample ) then simply override discount by pressing Ctrl+F8 key discount column and type "+1" as discount. Chanakya ERP will automatically add +1% discount in all items like 10+1, 15+1, 20+1, 8+1 etc For Reference few screenshots with description added  If you want to override or add additional 2% in all items then simply press CTRL+F8 Key on Discount % column then following option will appear. after clicking on OK button. Additional discount will be updated in all items as shown below. And Many More Minor Updates and Enhancement   For More Query/Support, Call us on +91 8447740155 Thank You !