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Chanakya ERP Update Release

  List of Enhanced Features for Support in ChanakyaERP Contact Via IVR :- 08447740155 Contact Via Miscall :- 08046878399 Please Generate a Ticket for any kind of support using any below process Through Miscall Using Registered Number Go to "Help Menu" in Software and Click on "Help Desk Direct Login" to Re-Direct page to your Default Browser Visit :- For More Query/Support, Feel free to Generate Ticket or Call us on +91 8447740155                                                   Thank You !

Credit Note and Debit Note in GST – Ultimate Guide for SMEs

Credit Note and Debit Note in GST – Ultimate Guide for SMEs From small trading businesses to large corporations when operating their concerns. These two different sizes of organizations regularly may face a problem that is common to both of them. And that problem is making errors in their invoices. To rectify this mistake, a document both these business verticals use is Credit Note and Debit Note. With the implementation of GST, like tax invoices and other documents, the credit and debit notes also have GST rules. Accordingly, the companies have to show them in the monthly GST Returns. So let’s understand more about Credit Notes and Debit Notes. What is a Credit Note? It is a document that the seller issues to the buyer due to an error in the invoice. Also, in the case of return of goods by the buyer to the seller results in Credit Invoice generation. Further, if we talk in terms of GST, the supplier only, if registered issues, a Credit Note. Additionally, the reason to issue the docum