Account Summary Help Guide

How to Check Account Summary Details in Chanakya ERP

Account Summary (All Groups)

  • Click on Account summary in Accounts Menu to open Account Summary option (as shown in below image)
  • By default "All Groups" details will be Processed according to Date Period option, Click on "Show" Button, as shown in below image
  • Click on Show Button to View All Groups Summary at a Time, in which you can see (Opening, Total Debit, Total Credit & Closing Balance) as shown in below image
  • All Account Group Balances (Either All Groups or Selected Group) are Exportable in Excel format and Send as an Email with Attachment File, as shown in below image
  • Select Particular Groups by Clicking on Selected Group option (By Default Bank Account will be Selected) and then Click on Show button, as shown in below image
  • In Drop-Down you will get All Groups details, Select Particular Groups whose you want to see Detailed Summary, click on Show Button  as shown in below image
  • Selected Bank Account detailed summary will be generated as (Opening, Total Debit, Total Credit & Closing) as shown in below image

Note:- You can view all groups in details by Selecting Groups and All Summary is easily Exported in Excel and sent as Email Attachment 

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