GST Debit Note Help Guide

How to Create/Modify/Cancel GST Debit Note in Chanakya ERP

Create GST Debit Note
  • Click on GST Debit Note in Inventory Menu to open GST Debit Note option (as shown in below image).
  • Debit Note No. will be Created (Automatically & Manual Setting in Document Number Settings option) 
  • Select Debit Note Date on Clicking on Date Drop Down Box
  • Enter Reference Invoice No. with Reference Invoice Date which Was Generated during Sales
  • Select the Reason of GST Debit Note (Various Reason Available in Drop Down Box) from Drop Down List you can Select according to your Needs and Mention  Pre-GST information in Yes or No.(Either Pre GST applied or Not)
  • Press "F12" Key to open Party List and Select the Specific Party Details Whose GST Debit Note is to be Created
  • You can also Click on Three dot (...) to View the Party List and Select it on Clicking it
  • Click on Plus Sign (+) to Open Party Master where you can Create/Add New Party Details in Software, as shown in below image
  • While Selecting Particular Party Details, Previous A/c Balance (Credit Or Debit) will be automatically Update in A/c balance Box
  • Invoice Type will Depend on Party address (Intra or Inter State Invoice) and will Appear Automatically
  • Remarks Box is to write Any Remarks regarding GST Debit Note, or For Particular Invoice, as shown in below image
  • Click on Item Code and Enter Item Code (First Digit or Name of Item) and Press Enter Key to Open Item List Panel in which you can Select Item which you want to Add in GST Debit Note List
  • Selected Item will Displayed with Item code and other details, Enter Quantity and Select Reason Type for which item is being Added as GST Debit Note, Debit Note Value will be Calculated automatically when Quantity entered, Click on Save button to Save the GST Debit Note for Sales Return, as shown in below image
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Note:- Sales Return, Post Sales Discount, Deficiency in Services, Correction in Invoice, Change in POS, Finalization in Provisional Assessment and Others are Various Reason to Create GST Debit Note you can Select According to Situation 

Modify GST Debit Note
  • Press "F12" Key on Column of Debit Note No. to Open Previous Debit Note List in Modify Mode, as shown in below image
  • Double Click or Select Particular GST Debit Note Number for Modification, Edit/Modify the Required Column and Click on Save Button to View the Changes, as shown in below image

Cancel GST Debit Note
  • Press "F12" Key on Column of Debit Note No. to Open Previous Debit Note List, as shown in below image
  • Double Click or Select Particular GST Debit Note Number and Open in Modify Mode, Item will be displayed as shown in below image
  • Right-Click with your Mouse on Any Blank Area (Color Area) where you will get option for "Cancel Debit Note" as shown in below image
  • After Clicking on "Cancel Debit Note" Button a New Pop-Up Window will open which will ask "Reason of Cancellation of GST Debit Note" you will have to provide Reason of Cancel/Delete in Message BoxIf you have to Release GST Debit Note Serial Number then Select Check Box (By default Check Box is Selected)if not then Uncheck Check Box and then Click on "Cancel Debit Note" button, as shown in below image
  • You can Preview GST Debit Note on Clicking Preview Button and Preview of GST Debit Note can be Exported in Multiple Extension and can also be Send as an Attachment File through Email as shown in below image

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