Godown/Warehouse Master Help Guide

How to Create/Modify/Delete Godown/Warehouse in Chanakya ERP

Create Godown

  • Click on Godown Master in Master Menu to open Godown/Warehouse Master option (as shown in below image).
  • Enter/select appropriate Information/Value in field shown in above image.
  • Description of each field is given below
  • Godown Name (*) : Enter the Name of Godown/Warehouse
  • Address : Enter Address
  • Place : Enter Place
  • Pin code : Enter Pin code 
  • Phone Number : Enter Valid Phone Number
  • Status (*) : Select "Active" as status for create new Godown.
  • Now Click on "Add" Button to create this Godown.
    • When Godown will successfully created/Added then a message will appear like below image.

  • Click on OK button to View the added Godown

Modify / Deactivate (Delete) Godown

  • Click on Godown Master in Master Menu to open Godown master option shown below.
  • Double click on Godown List which you want to modify or deactivate from the list as shown in above image. 
  • Then change the Information as per requirement/need.
  • To deactivate Godown
    • Status (*) : Select "Deactive" as status for deactivate Godown from reporting.
  • Click on Save Button to save the changes.
    • When Godown will successfully Updated then a message will appear like below image.
  • Click on OK button to see the changes.
Note: "By Default Main Godown will be automatically Created, which will indicate your Main Stock, You cannot Deactivate it, you can Only Modify it" 

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