Reverse Charge Invoice (RCM) Help Guide

How to Create/Modify/Cancel Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice (RCM) in Chanakya ERP

Create Reverse Charge Invoice (RCM)

  • Click on Reverse Charge Invoice in Accounts Menu to open Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice option (as shown in below image).
  • Invoice Number (which is Generated Automatically or can be set in Document Number Settings), Invoice Date (select the date of RCM Purchase Invoice), as shown in below image
  • Press "F12" to Select Cr. A/c. and Press "F12" to Select Dr. A/c for Purchase for Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice (RCM), as shown in below image
  • Enter Item Name, HSN/SAC code, Units, Quantity, Rate & Etc., fill other details. You can Add Items and their Total value, GST value,Net value will be displayed at bottom of screen.
  • Remarks/Narration can be added Against Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice, Click on Save button to view the Changes, as shown in below image

Modify Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice

  • Press "F12" Key on Invoice No. to Open Previous Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice then Select/Double Click on Particular Invoice and Open in Modify Mode, as shown in below image
  • Selected Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice will be Displayed with full details, Now Edit/Modify Invoices and Click on Save button to view the changes

Cancel Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice

  • Press "F12" Key on Invoice No. to Open Previous Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice then Select/Double Click on Particular Invoice in Modify Mode, as shown in below image
  • Selected Invoice will be Displayed with full details, Now Right Click anywhere on Invoices a message will be displayed "Cancel Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice" as shown in below image
  • Pop-Up window will open which will ask for "Request for Cancellation of Reverse Charge Invoice" in which you have to Provide Reason for Cancellation of Invoice and one Check Box will denote to Release Invoice Serial (If Yes then Tick, if not then don't Tick it) and Thereafter Click on Cancel Invoice, as shown in below image
  • You can Preview Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice on Clicking Preview Button and Preview of Reverse Charge Purchase Invoice can be Exported in Multiple Extension and can also be Send as an Attachment File through Email as shown in below image

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