Purchase Order Help Guide

How to Create a Purchase Order in Chanakya ERP

In Chanakya ERP, We can manage our restocking /reordering system smoothly using purchase order. In this software, purchase order module makes a list of all restockable goods list automatically as per Reorder level or Short Order List.

Let’s see

·     Go to "Inventory Menu"
·     Select Purchase Order
·     Enter Purchase Order Date
·     Select Order Type-        1. Standard   2.Urgent

·   Select Supplier by pressing "F12" on Supplier box.

·     A new Window will show all your Supplier List/Party Master

·     Select Supplier

·     Now You have Two Options for choose items for Purchase order

·     Select From Short Order List Or Select from ROL (Re-Order List)

Chanakya ERP Purchase Order

If you want to make a purchase order from short order list
Click : Select from short order list
  • A new window of Short Order List will popped-up  
Note : This Short Order List will be Created/Prepared During Sales Invoice (B2B & B2C)  by Pressing "F10" Key on any Column (Description, Unit, Quantity, Etc.)

  • Set a Order Quantity (Order Qty) and click on Add To Purchase Order

Or if you want to make a purchase order from ROL(Select From ROL)
Click : Select from ROL
  • A new window of Re Order List will Popped-up
Note : This Re Order List will be created by Software automatically as per your ROL indication during creation of Item In Item Master.
  • Set Order Quantity (Order Qty) and Click on Add To Purchase Order

Done your purchase order is ready

Note : Print and Print Preview will automatically save your purchase order

You can directly send your bill through Email and Export to Multiple Formats using software

Thank You


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