Account Ledger in Chanakya ERP

 How to check Ledger Report in Chanakya ERP

  • Select "Accounts menu" 
  • Click on "Ledger Menu"
A new window will popped up

Press "F12" : A new window will popped up with all you ledgers details, select ledger that you want to get Ledger Report.

  • Click On "View Ledger"

Now you can see detailed ledger report of that selected party

You can check your ledger detail Monthly, Quarterly 

Monthly Ledger Report

Quarterly Ledger Report

You can easily export your Ledger Report
  • Click On Export Button
Again a new window will popped up with all your ledger heading
  • Select ledger report heading and click on ">"   
  • if you want to select total heading click on ">>" 
  • Now click on "Export" Button set a location "Folder" and save

Note : If you want to send this report to anyone just tick on "send Email" (Exported file as an attachment) option.
After exportation of your excel report anther window will popped up

  • Enter email id 
  • Click on Send

Note : Related transaction like invoice, purchase, voucher etc are accessible using F12 (Open Voucher Mode) and F11 (Open Invoice Mode) key on selected transaction.

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