E-Way Bill Help Guide

How To Create/Print E-Way Bill in Chanakya ERP without Login To Government Portal

Create E-Way Bill

  • E-Way Bill will be created while Invoicing B2B Sales
  • After adding all the Item in Invoice B2B, You can continue for E-Way Bill Process
  • Click on E-Way Bill details to open a Pop-Up window, in which you will find E-Way Bill settings, as shown in below image
Note:- Buyers Details should be Correctly Added Including Pin code,Complete Address and GSTIN Number.

  • Click on Generate E-Way Bill "Yes"
  • Click on E-Generate "Yes"
  • Select Transport Mode (Road, Rail, Air, Ship)
  • Enter Distance (Distance between Two Pin code) between Suppliers & Buyers, If Distance not Known then Simply Left "0" there, (if the Pin code matches the database of Government then Distance will be automatically Calculated during generating E-Way Bill), as shown in below image
  • There are 2 Module in E-Way Bill, First One is Part-A and the Second One is Part-B
  • In Part-A, If Shipment is Send by Some Transporter company then You have to Enter Transport Name and Transport ID (GSTIN number can be Given of Transporter) and Click on OK button. After that Part-B is Filled by Transporter Side
  • In Part-B, If Shipment is Send by it's Own Vehicle (Self Vehicle) then you have to Mention Vehicle Number and Vehicle Type and Click on OK button to Save the E-Way bill Setup, as shown in below image
  • Click on "Preview" or "Save" Button to Open E-Way Bill Generation Pop-Up Window, in which you will find a "Generate" Button which while Clicking will Generate "E-Way Bill No.", "E-Way Bill Date" and "E-Way Bill Validity", as shown in below image
  • After Click on Generate Button, "E-Way Bill No"., "E-Way Bill Date" and "E-Way Bill Validity" will be Displayed, which will be Fetched directly from Government Portal side, as shown in below image
  • You can "Print" and "Preview" E-Way Bill by Clicking on Particular Button, Format of Print will be Available according to Government Norms.
  • You can "Find & Download e-Way Bill (if Generated)" and You can also Cancel e-Way Bill directly, By Simply Clicking on "Cancel e-Way Bill" Button, Then After you have to Provide a Valid Reason for "Cancellation of E-Way Bill" as shown in below image
  • While Clicking on Preview E-Way Bill Button you will get option of Viewing the E-Way Bill before Printing According to Government Printing Format Norms, You can Preview the E-Way Bill and Particular E-Way Bill can be Exported in Multiple Extension and can also be Send as an Attachment File through Email as shown in below image

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