Shortcuts Key Module Wise Help Guide

How Shortcut Keys will be Helpful while Using Chanakya ERP

Shortcuts Key

During Purchase Entry, these Shortcuts could be Useful

"F12":- To select Supplier’s details and Double press F12 to Enter new party details or Create party master

"F11":- To Open Additional details Features, in which you can Add Model Number, Serial Number, Brand and Warranty Till Date. You can also Add Service Description details

"F10":- To Open the Sale Price Setting Margin (In Three Category) in B2B (It will be in Percentage) and B2C (In Rs.) [In Pharma Section]

"Ctrl + I":- Press during Purchase window, It will Open Import Purchase Item window, where Excel data can be Imported through Copy & Paste Option

"Alt + B":- To Print the Barcode of Purchased Item According to Total Quantity Purchased per Item

"Alt + S":- To Save the Purchase Invoice and Add the Purchased Item Into Stock

"Alt + C":- To close the Purchase Window

"Alt + R":- To Refresh the data entered in Purchase Bill

During Invoice Entry, these Shortcuts could help you

"F12":- To select Buyer's details and Double press F12 to Enter new party details or Create party master

"F12" (Medical):- During Purchase Entry when Bonus is applicable on bill, then Press F12 on Rate column to Open Bonus/Scheme Adjustment section (e.g., 10 + 1)

"F11":- To Open Additional details Features, in which you can Add Model Number, Serial Number, Brand and Warranty Till Date. You can also Add Service Description details

"F10":- To put particular items in Sort Order List, Which could be Helpful during Purchase Order of that Particular Item which has been put in Sort Order List

"F9":- This Key Provides Information of Item which indicates Last Purchase Price, Last Purchase Cost, Sales Price, Profit (in Rs & in %) and Sales History to Selected Party

"Ctrl + F9":- Last Purchase Price, Profit (in Rs.) and Profit (%) will Open during Invoice B2B, at End of the column

"Ctrl + F8":- Apply Discount to All item in a Single Frame at the Time of B2B and B2C

"F8":- Key helps you to change Current GST Rate Slab to New GST for Apply.

"F7":- This Key helps you to Select Salesman from Salesman List which you have made at Salesman Master

"F6":-  This Key Helps you to Select Doctor from Doctor List which has been Created in Doctor Master (Only for Pharma Section)

"F5":- Go to Item Code Section at the time of Making Invoices

"F4":- Pressing this key will denote the cursor on Buyers columns, where you can edit or select Buyers details

"F3":- Key Enables Product Group Column during sales and purchase

"F1":- This Key provides you the Help Guide, which is represented as Blog of Particular Module

"Ctrl + L": - Select A/c for Selected Item for this Transaction only, For Particular Item A/c could be Selected

"Ctrl + H": - To View HSN Code During Invoice B2C & B2B

"Del/Delete":- To Delete the Entire Row of Entered Item/Product, During Inventory Part (Sales/Purchase/challan/Performa/Quotation ETC.)

"Alt + S":- To Save the Invoice/Bill (Purchase/Sales)

"Alt + P":- To Print the Invoice/Bill through Default Printer Attached to the system

"Alt + V":- To Preview the Invoice/Bill before Printing

"Alt + C":- To Close & Cancel/Delete (Invoice/Bill) Window

"Alt + R":- To Refresh the Entered Data in Purchase & Invoice/Bill (B2B & B2C)

"Alt + D":- To Open Shipping/Transport Details During Invoice/Bill.

"Alt + E":- To Open E-Way Details Window during Invoice B2B.

"Alt + N":- To Open Narration window which you can Narrate line on Invoice/Bill

"Alt + L":-  To Check Box the Print Pick List Option during Invoice B2B

"Alt + D":- To Check Box the Print Delivery Challan Option during Invoice B2B

"Alt + H":- To Open Challan Details during Invoice B2B

To Open Menu/Module In Software on Screen

"Alt + I":- Open Inventory Menu

"Alt + F":- Open Financial/User Menu

"Alt + A":- Open Accounts Menu

"Alt + R":- Open Reports Menu

"Alt + G":- Open GST Return Menu

"Alt + T":- Open Tools Menu

"Alt + O":- Open Online Menu

"Alt + M":- Open Master Menu

"Alt + H":- Open Help Menu

"Alt + L":- Logout you from the Software

In Reporting Section, You can use these Shortcuts for every Reports

"Alt + E":- Open Export options during Reports Generation

"Alt + S":- During Reports, Show option will Enable to View all the Reports regarding the selected details

"Alt + C":- To Close the Reports Window

"Alt + L":- To View the Reports of Selected Party/Items/Salesman

In Account Section, These Shortcuts Key would be Helpful


"F12":- To Select Party During Automatic Receipt and Payment Vouchers Entry and "F12" To  Select Cr. & Dr. Account at the same time while Automatic Voucher Entry

"F12":- While Viewing Ledger of any Account, Press "F12" on Select A/c portion to Select Any Account whose Ledger is to be Viewed

"F11":- To Open Ledger Particular in Invoice Mode, During Ledger View

"F12":- To Open Ledger particulars in Vouchers Mode, During Ledger View

"Alt + L":- To View Ledger of Selected Party

"Alt + D":- To View the Ledger Daily Wise

"Alt + M":- To View the Ledger Monthly Wise

"Alt + Q":- To View the Ledger Quarterly 

"Alt + V":- To Preview the Ledger, Print or Send it Through Email

"Alt + P":- To Print the Entire Ledger of Selected A/c

"Alt + E":- To Export the Ledger in Excel Format of Selected A/c.

"Alt + C":- To close the Window of Ledger

Standard Voucher Entry

"F12":- To Select Party in Particular for Cr. & Dr. in Standard Vouchers Entry

"Shift + Del/Delete":- To Delete Created Cr/Dr during Standard Vouchers Entry in Account Section

Balance Sheet

"F12":- To Open Particulars in their Group/Sub-Group Mode Till Ledger of that Particulars

"Alt + T":- To Select Detailed Balance Sheet Section 

"Alt + R":- To Refresh the Data in Balance Sheet

"Alt + P":- To Print the Entire Balance Sheet

"Alt + V":- To Preview the Entire Balance Sheet, Print or Send it Through Email

"Alt + C":- To close the Window of Balance Sheet


"F12":- To "Find & Replace" GSTIN details While Importing B2C Invoices Through Excel sheet

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