Sales Order Generation through Mobile App Help Guide

Sales Order Generation through Mobile App of Chanakya ERP

Sales Order through Mobile App
  • Salesman can Generate Sales Order through Mobile App
  • Create Online User and Link User as Salesman (If Applicable)
  • Send Mobile App Link on Whatsapp of Salesman through Chanakya Software in a Click
  • Just Enter Whatsapp Number and Click on Send Button
  • Send a "Hi" Message on Same Number and Click on the Link to Download the App.
  • Click on the below Link to download Mobile App

  • After Downloading Mobile App, Create Online User for Mobile Access and you can Link Salesman to respective Online User (If User is Salesman)
  • Click on link to see How you can Create Online User.

  • Enter User Name and Password to Login to Mobile App
  • After Login, You can see the front Panel of Mobile App
  • At Above(Indicated in Below Picture left Side) You can see that that Mobile App is not Connected to your local Server.
  • After Connecting your Local Server (Click on Connect Button in Software), the Right Picture will show you the Icon of connection i.e., Connected to the local Server
  • Click on Triple Lines (☰) to View the option to Select Company, click on Select Company
  • Click on View And Select Company, If There is Multiple Company then you Can Scroll Down to View All Companies
  • After Selecting Company you will get the Company Name Displayed on Homepage
  • Now Admin will Sync the Item Master and Party Master from Software to Load on Local Server
  • Click on "Upload on Server" Button to Upload the Data (Item & Party Master)
  • After Uploading on Server, a Message will be displayed on Screen "Successfully Uploaded/Synced on Server"
  • Then Click on "Download from Server" Button to download the data which was synced on server
  • After Downloading, Click on "Close" Button

  • Now Coming into Mobile App, Now Salesman Can fetch all the Item and Party Details while Generating Order
  • Click on "Cart Button" Beside Home Button at Bottom of the Mobile Screen App, as Shown in Image Below.
  • "Search Party" Option will Appear on Next Step, Where You can Click and Search the Party name, as shown in below image
  • Search Party Either by Selecting Party Group or Party Name/Party Code wise
  • You can also Search by Pressing Four Times Percentage Sign (%%%%), and click on "Search party" Button, as shown in below image
  • After Searching party by above Category, You will find all the Party List, Select the Particular Party whose Sale Order is needed to be generated, as shown in below image

  • After Selecting Party, Party Name will be fetched here in the box as shown in below image
  • Now "Product Search" button will be enabled, where Item Will be searched by Clicking on that
  • Search Item with Product Group Wise, Brand Wise, Manufacturing wise or Item Name/Code Wise.
  • You Can also use four Percentage Sign (%%%%) to search all the Products at Single Time
  • Products name will be Displayed according to filter options,as shown in below image
  • Add Quantity by clicking on Plus button(+), and also Manual Quantity can be added by Clicking on "Manual Quantity" after that Click on "Add Manual Order", as shown in below image
  • After Selecting Item for Order with their Quantity, All item will be Go to Your Cart Section
  • Click on the Cart Section (Which is at Above the Screen), to fetch or View all the Selected Item for the Particular Order, as shown in below image
  • You Can "Add Item", if you need to add more item
  • You can Reset Cart at Same Time, By Clicking on "Reset Cart" Button
  • Click on "Generate Order" Button to "Generate Sales Order" for Particular Party.
  • After Clicking on Generate Order ButtonOrder will be Successfully Generated with Temporary Order Number and Total Item with Quantity, as shown in below image
  • Now admin can Fetch the Order details By just Clicking on the "Download from Server" Button to fetch all the Order Generated by Salesman
  • Select the Particular Order, Check Box to Receive that Order and Generate Invoice Regarding that Order.
  • By Clicking "Receive Order" Button order will be received and Fetched in Sales Order B2B list/Section and Order Number will be Generated with date.
  • Click on "Close" Button to close this window.

For More Query/Support, Feel free to Generate Ticket or Call us on +91 8447740155

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