Send Payment Reminder Through Own Whatsapp Number Help Guide

How to Send Payment Reminder Through Own Whatsapp Number

  • Go to "Tools Menu"
  • Click on "VAS" setup
  • Next Pop up will be Show You Setting Regarding Whatsapp Configuration
  • Click on "Self Whatsapp Number" Option, as shown in below image
  • First Time when you will Click on "Configure Self Whatsapp Number" then a message will be Displayed as "No Registered Whatsapp Number Registered"
  • Click on OK Button to Registered your Whatsapp Number, through which you will Send Payment Remainder or Invoices on Buyers Whatsapp Number
  • Next Window will Show you to Scan your Whatsapp Number, Enter your Whatsapp Number and Click on QR code
  • Open your Whatsapp App in your Mobile and Click on Linked Devices option and Scan QR code 
  • After Scanning QR code, through your Whatsapp Mobile
  • Click on "Confirm Login Success & Send Text Message"
  • One Confirmation Message will be send on your Whatsapp Number
  • Now Your Whatsapp Number has been Linked through ChanakyaERP, Ready to send Invoices and Payment Remainder to your Own Customer
  • After all Settings Please Logout and Login again you Software
  • If You want To Remove Registered Whatsapp Number/ Change Whatsapp Number from ChanakyaERP 
  • Open "Configure Self Whatsapp Number"
  • At Bottom you will find "Remove Whatsapp Number"
  • Click to "Remove Linked Whatsapp Number", Current Linked Whatsapp Number will be removed successfully
  • After all the basic Configuration now, We will Go to Next Step, Where Payment Remainder will be Sent to All Buyers(Whose Balance is in Dr.) in a Single Click
  • Go To Accounts Menu
  • Open Party Balances
  • Click on Buyers Check Box, and Also Check box Exclude Nil Balance
  • Click on Show Button to Fetch all Your Buyers, as Shown in Image Below
  • If Mobile Number is Mentioned during making Party Master then That Number Should be Whatsapp Number of Your Buyers
  • You Can Select Party One by One or By clicking "Select All" button
  • Click on "Send Payment Remainder on Whatsapp" button 
  • Below is the Message Format, which You can edit and Manage by your own Requirement
  • Click on "Send" Button to send the Message to all your Party at a single time

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Thank You !


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