Generate Loading/Delivery Sheet Help Guide

How to Generate Loading/Delivery Sheet In Chanakya ERP

Generate Loading/Delivery Sheet

  • Click on Inventory Menu
  • Click on Generate Loading/Delivery Sheet
A new window will popped up 

  • Select Invoice Type (B2C/B2B)
  • Selection of Date (Period of date of Invoice)
  • Click on show Invoice
  • All Invoice List will be Displayed

  • Select Invoice By clicking on Check Box Option at beginning of each invoice
  • Right-Click on invoice list to fetch three Option
    • Filter :- Filter Option Provide you to Filtered the data according to your need
    • Select All:- This Option helps you to Select all invoices in a Click.
    • Deselect All:- This Option allow you to Deselect the selected invoice
  • In Filter option, you will get Column wise Filter Facility, as shown in below image
  • Select Column option with Conditions (Equals or Contains) and Enter the value, which you want to Filter and Click on Apply Button

  • Right-Click to Select all the Invoices, which you want to Generate Delivery/Loading Sheet.
  • At Bottom there is Two option of generating Loading Sheet, One is Consolidated Summary Only and Other is Consolidated with Party/Invoice Wise Summary
  • First we will will see the Consolidated Summary Preview, in below image

  • Second Option is Consolidated with Party/Invoice Wise Summary
  • Where You will find Party wise Invoice Summary, with all the item list

  • One more Option you will find at Bottom, Print Delivery Confirmation Sheet
  • This Sheet will Help you to get Identified/confirmation about the Item Delivered to the party, by their Sign on that page after Delivering the Items

  • Now, when you will come to fetch the List of Invoice B2B, there One More option you will find, Sort on Party code
  • This Sorting Will help you to generate a list according to Party Code
  • If Party code sorting is not selected then list will fetched according to address sorting

  • After this all the Steps are Same as we have Described Earlier in Invoice B2C List.
  • You can Export this list in Multiple Formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)

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