Import Account Master Help Guide

How to Import Account Master with Opening Balance Through Excel in Chanakya ERP

Import Account Master

  • Click on Import A/c Master in Master Menu to open Import Account Master option (as shown in below image)
  • Opening Balance can be Imported through Excel Either it is "Existing Party" or "New Party", in which Dr amount will be indicated in "(-)" and Cr. Amount will be indicated in "(+)", as shown in below image
  • Data Prepared in Excel could be easily transferred through  "Copy and Paste" option by Right Click option on any Column to Paste data in "Bulk" (as shown in below image)
  • After Paste of data through Excel, data can be Viewed in this window (as shown in below image)
  • Error Records can be check at Remarks column (while scrolling Right to the screen), At bottom of the Screen  you can find Account as shown in below image

Note: Invalid A/c Group Name  and Invalid State are common error which occur during import. For this type of error you first Enter Correct A/c Group  (According to Software A/c Master Section) in Excel. After Creation of these Groups You can Simply Paste the Excel Data here.
  • Click on Save button and the Imported Account List will be successfully saved and can be found in Account Master
  • Click on OK

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