Updates Released in New Version of Chanakya ERP ( -

Updates Released in New Version of Chanakya ERP 

( -

  • Formula in Qty
    • Now formula can be used for calculation in Qty & Rate field of Invoice B2C & Invoice B2B
      • If you want to calculate 10 x 5 then simply enter in qty column like below
        •  =10*5 (System will automatically update the result in qty)
      • If you want to calculate 10 x 5 x 20.5 x 2 then
        • = 10*5*20.5*2
      • If the UNIT is SQFT or SQMTR which are normally used in Marble, Tile, Hardware etc business segment then formula should be entered like below which will help in many manners.
        • =L*W*Q (L=length, W=width, Q=Qty)
        • =4x4x100
          • System will update result 1600 in qty and also add following data in printout
          • Size : 4 x 4
          • Pcs : 100
      • These feature can be used also in other ways as per requirement. For more details, feel free to contact us.

  • Mandi Management

    • Now Special Menu has been added in Chanakya ERP for Mandi Management (Fruit and Veg Mandi)
      • This feature will be available only in Full (Registered) Version.
(Help Guide for this module is available in the seperate blog.)

  • Party wise purchase/sales summery

    • New Report added in Chanakya ERP to generate Party Wise Item Sales/Purchase Summery and Party Wise Brand Sales/Purchase Summery. Option is available in Report Menu with the name "Party Wise Purchase/Sales Summery" and the window will appear as shown below.

  • (Help Guide for this module is available in the seperate blog.)

  • Special Cess (NonAdVol)

    • Special Cess Non AdVol (Which calculates specific rate on volume/qty) has been implement in Chanakya ERP (which is specially applicable for Tobacco Industry). Effected sections/windows of Chanakya ERP are as below
      • Applicable GST Settings (Tools Menu)
      • Purchase (Inventory Menu)
      • Quotation B2B (Inventory Menu)
      • Proforma Invoice B2B (Inventory Menu)
      • Invoice B2C (Inventory Menu)
      • Invoice B2B (Inventory Menu)
      • Sales Return B2C (Inventory Menu)
      • Sales Return B2B (Inventory Menu)
      • GST Debit Note (Inventory Menu)
      • GST Credit Note (Inventory Menu)
      • GST Debit Note Receipt (Inventory Menu)
      • GST Credit Note Receipt (Inventory Menu)
      • And statutory reports as applicable

  • Income TAX TCS Under Section 260C (1H) Report (Accounts Menu)
    • Now TCS Payable report is available under accounts menu.

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