Multi Receipt Mode in Invoice B2C Help Guide

How to Enable Multi Receipt Mode in Invoice B2C in Chanakya ERP

  • Go to "Tools" Menu
  • Click on "Misc. Settings"
  • Enable "Multi Receipt Mode (B2C)"
  • Click on "Save" Button
  • Logout and Login Again in Software to Implement those Settings

  • Click on "Tools" Menu
  • Go to option "Multi Receipt Mode Settings (Invoice B2C)"
  • Create Mode of Payment (e.g., Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Swipe Machine, etc.)
  • Select the "Settlement A/c" through Accounting Group (e.g., Bank Account, Current Assets)
  • Click on "Add" Button
  • All your Mode will be added below

  • Go to "Inventory" Menu
  • Click on "Invoice B2C"
  • Make any Invoice B2C, and Click on Save, Print or Preview Button
  • "Receipt Mode" will open in Pop-Up Window
  • Enter the Amount in which Mode you have Received 
  • Click on Ok button


  • You can also Check Refund Balance or Due Balance on the Same Window
  • Now you don't have to Calculate the Remaining/ Returning Balance Manually
  • You can Check You Vouchers for that Particular Invoice, By Pressing "Ctrl + F1" on Invoice Number after opening that Particular Invoice B2C in Modify Mode

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