Serial/IMEI/Barcode Number Generation Help Guide

How to Generate Serial/IMEI/Barcode Number in Chanakya ERP

  • First You have To Enable the Settings from "Tool Menu"
  • Go to "Misc. Settings"
  • Go for "IMEI/Serial/Unique Barcode" Option 
  • Select "Enable" 
  • Click on Save Button
  • And Re-login your Software to Enable those Settings
  • Go to "Inventory" Menu
  • Open "Purchase Window"
  • Select the Item for Purchasing and Enter the Quantity
  • Press "F12" on Quantity Column to Open "Serial No. Entry" Column as Shown Below in Image

  • Select the Segment You Want to Generate (Serial/IMEI/Barcode)
  • You can Find Two way to Generate Serial/IMEI/Barcode Number
  • Manual Entry defines you to Enter Manual Barcode/Serial/IMEI Number in Below Column
  • Automatic Generation will Generate Barcode/Serial/IMEI number Automatic, for Each Quantity you are Purchasing
  • By Clicking on Automatic Generation, Barcode/Serial/IMEI Number will be Auto Generated 
  • Barcode/Serial/IMEI Will be arranged in Serial Way (Every Time it will be arranged in Continuous Number)
  • You can also Edit Description, which has been Generated Auto
  • Click on "Close and Continue" Button to Proceed Further for Purchase Entry
  • In Manual Entry, You can Scan your Barcode/IMEI Number Directly
  • Click on "Close and Continue" Button to Proceed Further for Purchase Entry

  • Barcode/IMEI/Serial Number Now it has been Saved, While Making Invoice now you can either Scan the Barcode/IMEI/Serial Number, as Shown in below image

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