Invoice B2C Vehicle Master Help Guide

How To Create/Modify/Cancel Invoice B2C Vehicle in Chanakya ERP

Create Invoice B2C Vehicle Bill

  • Click on Inventory Vehicle Menu
  • Click on Invoice B2C Vehicle
A new window will popped up 

  • Correspondence Address:- Fill Complete Address of Customer with Proper Mobile/Phone Number 
  • Permanent Address:- If Permanent Address is Same as Correspondence Address then Simply Click on ">>" Key to fetch the details
  • Vehicle Details:- In Vehicle details, You will Find the information of Vehicle 
    • Frame Number:- Press "F12" to Select Frame Number of vehicle i.e., to be sold
    • Engine Number:- Engine Number will be Fetched with Simply Selecting Frame Number.
    • Key Number:- Key Number will be Mentioned (If Needed)
    • Battery Number:- Enter the Battery Number (If Needed)
    • Service Book Number:- Enter Service Book Number (if Required)
    • Mfg. Date:- Enter the Mfg. Date
    • Reg. No.:- Enter Reg. No.
    • Model Code:- Model code will be fetched with frame Number
    • Description:- Vehicle Name will be displayed
    • Vehicle Type:- Motor cycle/Scooter or any other vehicle Module
    • Color:- Vehicle color 
    • HSN:- HSN number of Vehicle
  • Salesman:- Select Salesman by Pressing "F12"
  • Purchase Type:- "Cash" & "Finance" options is available
  • Hypotheticated By:- Select the Financed Company by Pressing "F12"
  • Financed Amount:- Amount which has been Financed by Finance company
  • Insurance Company:- Insurance Company provider name can be Fetched by Pressing "F12"
  • Billing Details:- Price will be Auto Fetched while Selecting Frame Number of Vehicle, You can also Enter price Manually
  • Click on Save Button to Save B2C Invoice of Vehicle
  • You can also "Print Sale Invoice", "Sales Letter" and "Form 20"

Modify Invoice B2C Vehicle Bill

  • Press "F12" on Invoice Number to select the Invoice which you want to Open in Modify or View mode, as shown in image below
  • Select the Particular Invoice which is to be opened in Modify/View Mode, as shown in below image
  • When the Invoice is open in Modified mode, you can Edit the Details and Save it in Modified Mode.

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